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Venue Location

Through our extensive 40 years of experience creating magical events across Bermuda, we can source the perfect venue for your next event.

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Travel Management

In partnership with Flood Transport, provides the ultimate level of service for your group transportation needs. All aspects of transportation and logistics are handled effectivity.


Project Management

Our owners, combined with our extensive experience in project management and our fully integrated ground crew and dedicated staff work together to smooth sailing for your event.


Event Hire & Production

We own an equipment storage warehouse which means we can guarantee that the any equipment you need will be ready for you.

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Delegate Management

We ensure end to end satisfaction, safety, and security for all members of your managment and team, with our extensive partnerships across Bermuda.


Reward & Recognition

We understand the importance and value you place on your team, and we can source unique gifts locally crafted that represent high-quality craftsmanship by local artisans, bundled with once in a lifetime unique experiences. 

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